Breathe Mag Online Promo


The above slideshow illustrates a sequence of photos from a recent Breathe Magazine promo (click through to see them uncropped). It was meant as a lighthearted look at the people behind some of the magazines’ new live coverage. It was accomplished using Nikon’s interval timer function on the D800e, a couple of patient models (Joel Perrella, Breathe Mag’s editor, & Pete Dobos, our quick witted investigatory journalist) and a quick footed photographer. I also used the Nikon SB-800 flash set to “Remote” mode as a prop and to added some extra pop to the images.

Below is the final promo used on the site, it was the second setup and fit the format more appropriately. I employed a more awkward pose instead of a proper camera in this second shot. I resorted to attempting to parody the “creative” method of framing a shot using one’s hands since my second camera was sitting at home instead of in my kit.

It was an entertaining shoot.


Adventure RacingPhotography

Untamed Faces


Tired, stressed, focused & happy; These are the “Untamed Faces”. They’ve come to New England over the years to compete in the Untamed New England and possibly win a spot in the Adventure Racing World Championships. They return again this June 18th and so will I, to capture more of their expressions.

Faces of the athletes who have competed in the Untamed New England Adventure Race.


A Format Advantage?


In 2009, a 3 week backpacking trip to Thailand forced me to rethink my photography setup. I didn’t have the space or courage to bring along my expensive and bulky DSLR equipment so I looked into the recently announced (August 2008) micro four thirds format as an alternative. The compact form factor, low cost and high image quality persuaded me to purchase a new Panasonic G1. It performed extremely well on the 21 day backpacking trip and it even traveled with me on assignment to Abu Dhabi. More recently, I purchased a GH1 to take advantage of its’ lauded video attributes and it performed flawlessly around the Hawaii islands just last year. I can’t say enough good things about this format and I hope to be evaluating some exciting new gear over the next few months. In the mean time here are some examples taken with this unique form factor.

••• Thailand •••



••• Hawaii •••




••• Abu Dhabi Mosque •••