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On a recent adventure assignment, I had the opportunity to shoot some related product PR images for Thule. Their unique and very functional car accessories were my focus and my models included their internationally acclaimed adventure racing team, Team Thule Adventure. The team was preparing for a difficult 3-4 day race, the Untamed New England adventure race, so I had to work fast and unobtrusively. Luckily, they were nice enough to stick around after they had won the event which allowed me to capture some additional images. A very professional and successful group!









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Untamed Faces


Tired, stressed, focused & happy; These are the “Untamed Faces”. They’ve come to New England over the years to compete in the Untamed New England and possibly win a spot in the Adventure Racing World Championships. They return again this June 18th and so will I, to capture more of their expressions.

Faces of the athletes who have competed in the Untamed New England Adventure Race.