Queue the Comeback!!


I’ve been rediscovering my photo roots with my Hasselblad 500c & expired but refrigerated Fuji Provia 100F recently. Slowing down and anticipating photos is a great change of pace. The 6×6 format also provides a creative challenge which I thoroughly enjoy. I took it with me on an assignment in Ecuador this past November but haven’t developed the film yet – E6 processing in the Toronto area is very limited – but I’ll post some of that content soon. For now, here are a few shots taken during a warm September cottage weekend in Muskoka.




…And here is the actual Hasselblad setup I used to capture these photos:

• BODY – A Hasselblad 500c made in 1972 (Internally it’s a 500cm labeled as a 500c – The new CM model was released that year but a few C’s (like mine) did not receive the new labeling.
• LENS – Hasselblad CF 80mm T* with CF Quick Focus Handle 1 #40735/51700 and lens hood
• FILM BACKS – Two A12 film backs
• FILM – Fujifilm Provia 100f & 400 (Expired but refrigerated)
• Gossen Digisix Light Meter