Breathe Mag Online Promo


The above slideshow illustrates a sequence of photos from a recent Breathe Magazine promo (click through to see them uncropped). It was meant as a lighthearted look at the people behind some of the magazines’ new live coverage. It was accomplished using Nikon’s interval timer function on the D800e, a couple of patient models (Joel Perrella, Breathe Mag’s editor, & Pete Dobos, our quick witted investigatory journalist) and a quick footed photographer. I also used the Nikon SB-800 flash set to “Remote” mode as a prop and to added some extra pop to the images.

Below is the final promo used on the site, it was the second setup and fit the format more appropriately. I employed a more awkward pose instead of a proper camera in this second shot. I resorted to attempting to parody the “creative” method of framing a shot using one’s hands since my second camera was sitting at home instead of in my kit.

It was an entertaining shoot.